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You are sure to have seen it in action: the tail lift. It’s often on the lorry that delivers goods to grocery stores. A tail lift is simply a lifting and lowering device on the rear of a truck.

Zepro dominates the Nordic market for the manufacture and sale of various tail lifts of all sizes; its largest models can handle up to 2,500 kilograms. The company is part of Cargotec, the world’s leading provider of cargo handling solutions. Hans Gustafsson, Zepro’s sales manager, points out several advantages of a radio-controlled tail lift.

“A traditional, mounted control box forces the driver to stand in one place next to the box, which is usually in a case on the back of the truck. Radio control lets the driver be more mobile and even handle the load while it is being lifted or lowered. The transmitter fits in a pocket to make it easier to handle.”

Åkerströms’ Sesam 800 Mobile is a specially designed system used with mobile applications, machines located on vehicles. It can be used with tail lifts, winches, conveyors and more.

Åkerströms has specially customized the system for Zepro to equip it with a unique locking function. The adaptation is unique for the systems used by Zepro.
Gustafsson explains: “The feature locks the entire lifting device so it can only be operated by an authorized user. It adds extra security if the driver has to leave the vehicle. Before, the driver went into the cab to disconnect the power and lock the lifting device; now it can be locked directly from the transmitter.”

Zepro offers Sesam 800 Mobile as an optional feature in their product line, so tail lift customers can equip it with both an attached and a remote control box. The feature is popular on distribution trucks that load and unload a lot of cargo every day.

Smarter, safer and easier in mobile environments. Sesam 800 Mobile is ready to face the world.

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