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By size, Skycon is a modest company with six employees. Yet it holds 85 percent of the global market—not bad, and its product is unique. Skycon manufactures and sells cleaning equipment systems for cruise ships and ferries.

Micael Lis, CEO, talks about the market:
“Cruise ships didn’t used to have real windows, just small openings, until public areas and cabins started to have more glass. Windows offer beautiful views, but quickly become dirty, particularly in very salty oceans. Today, ships have so much glass that it just can’t be maintained without a well-developed plan.”
“I had some ideas from a previous job, and I started Skycon to make them happen. That was 21 years ago. Today we are world leading.”

Skycon’s equipment is customized by ship, but it generally contains platforms that move both vertically and horizontally. The platforms connect to high-pressure water for cleaning, which can be performed manually or automatically depending on customer requirements.
Skycon’s solution is used on the world’s largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, which has capacity for over 6,000 passengers. Ships of its magnitude need up to 20 Skycon systems.

Åkerströms’ Remotus system is used in several of Skycon’s systems. According to Lis, there are two major advantages to a radio-controlled system compared to an analog. There are no cables to get in the way—which in turn leads to fewer electrical cabinets. Surveillance is also simpler and clearer since the operator is free to move, independent of the electrical cabinet’s location.
“In addition, Åkerströms’ products have a long range, a requirement on very large ships where the distance between  transmitter and receiver can be over 300 meters.”
Vessel maintenance is simpler with Skycons’ products.  Window cleaning is one area. The equipment can also be used for painting and exterior maintenance. How is Åkerströms’ service for Skycon?
“Knock on wood, but there haven’t been many errors,” laughs Lis. “But Åkerströms has always been there to help fix any problems that have come up. Usually, a broken part just needs to be exchanged. In my experience, the logistics work very smoothly—we send the failed component to Åkerströms and receive a new within a few days.”

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