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Remotus - Mobile applications

Remotus T-Rx is our mobile platform for radio remote control of mobile applications such as sideloaders, sludge suction vehicles, tow trucks, road machines, concrete trucks and various different machines.
We also offer Remotus 7000 for smaller mobile applications.

  • Remotus T-Rx

    Remotus T-Rx is Åkerströms’ robust products for radio remote control of mobile applications. The Remotus T-Rx line includes a complete receiver and transmitter line and comes in different standard models suited for different usage areas. We do also offer customized solutions for your specific needs.

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  • Product Catalogue

    Here you can read and download our product catalogue;
    Remotus - Robust radio remote control for safety critical mobile applications

    Click on the links/picture below for a browsable version or for downloading a PDF.

    Product catalogue - browsable version

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  • Instruction films T-Rx standard

    Below you'll find instruction films for T-Rx standard systems.

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