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Anyone who imagines that a mine is a tough environment is ... absolutely right. Robert Larsson is functional manager at LKAB that has facilities in Malmberget and Kiruna in northern Sweden.
Larsson confirms: “Sure, working underground is often challenging. It’s hot and dirty. Industrial environments like the pelleting plant are both hot and wet. And it can be really cold outside in the winter. Those circumstances place high demands on the machines.”

LKAB has a long-running cooperation with Åkerströms.

Cranes and overhead cranes are controlled with Remotus products, while doors use transmitters and receivers from the Sesam family.
“We have a total of 700 different lifting devices. They in-evitably generate a lot of error messages, but very few come from the radio controlled overhead cranes.”

Overhead cranes are used to repair equipment such as scoops, loaders, grinders, etc, where high quality is vital and ensures reliability so that work can continue uninterrupted. Doors also have high reliability requirements.  A truck driver who has to climb out to open or close a door quickly becomes irritated.

LKAB has also found a clever way to use Sesam products when removing slag residue. A Sesam 2000 receiver is used to open and close the hopper, so that slag can be loaded onto the truck bed. The truck then drives onto a scale, where the driver keys a code into a Sesam 6000 transmitter, indicates the weight of the load, and gives its destination. This method registers all the key data into the system quickly at one time by the driver.

Quality is very much a selection process. Products that do not measure up in these tough environments are simply removed. But Åkerströms has become standard.
“If we buy a new overhead crane, one requirement is that the manufacturer fits it with Åkerströms’ radio control."
Working consistently with a single supplier has several advantages. Ordering replacement parts is easier, for instance. Åkerströms’ friendly reception has definitely helped it become a standard according to Larsson, who finds contact with Åkerströms to be quick and easy.
“I don’t have to be an expert myself since Åkerströms helps me understand how a product works,” says Larsson.
“And Åkerströms is considerate and informs us well in advance if one of our systems is on its way to be obsolete.”

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