Hammar Maskin

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Hammar Maskin is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile self-loading container equipment, known as sideloaders. The sideloaders use the Remotus Mercury control system from Åkerströms Björbo. “Switching to Remotus a year and a half ago simplified our work significantly,” says Christian af Petersens, purchasing manager.

Hammar Maskin is located in Olsfors, a small town between Göteborg and Borås, Sweden. Its sideloaders are sold around the world under the Hammar brand. Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia are
just a few examples.

Salty winds
One could say that a sideloader is a semi-trailer with cranes on the front and back. Using remote control, the driver can operate the cranes and lift large containers without waiting for help from a forklift. Sideloaders are often used in ports—salty, dirty
environments that place great demands on products and equipment.

“We needed rugged control equipment and that’s exactly what we got with the Remotus Mercury,” says af Petersens.

Serious and needs-sensitive
Hammar Maskin has many different sideloader models. Previously, each model had its own unique controls, but today they all have the same.

“Before we switched to Remotus, we ordered new controls for every order we received,” says af Petersens. “An order for a sideloader meant placing an order for that model’s control equipment. Now we use Remotus for all models and can simply take one from the shelf. Management became much more efficient.”