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GMJ Equipment is a leading Australian manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms. The platforms reach heights of 10-70 meters and come in many different models. GMJ has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and is at the forefront of mobile elevating platform development.

Åkerströms is GMJ’s main supplier of radio remote control.
The platforms have many uses, including service and maintenance of high voltage lines, where safety and precision are a must. There are many advantages to using remote controls, such as much better precision and a better overview, since you can basically move without inhibition. With the transmitter strapped around you there is no tripping over cables or, as previously, having to stand at a fixed point to control the object.

Dual transmitters = extra safe.

GMJ uses dual transmitters for extra safety. The operator who is elevated on the platform has a transmitter, and if something should happen, a second operator on the ground can take over the remote control with the other transmitter. The transmitter controls all movements of the platform.

Robust, reliable system

Together with GMJ, Åkerströms developed a configuration tool with which GMJ can manage all system settings and functions required by the customer. The system is very easy to start up, with its plug-and-play solution and a removable CIM card that makes it easy to replace a transmitter and get back to work right away. The radio system (Industrial 2.4 GHz radio solution, with Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology) also includes a display solution with two-way communication, which means that the selected data from the application is displayed clearly on the transmitter. The receiver is IP67 rated, meaning it is completely dustproof and waterproof. The high IP rating is a big advantage when the receiver is subjected to heavy stresses like dust and rain, since it is mounted outside the truck, unprotected.

Thanks to our distributor, Hace Industries

Another important reason for GMJ choosing Åkerströms’ solution is largely thanks to Hace Industries, Åkerströms’ distributor in Australia, who worked closely with GMJ over the entire development phase to obtain an optimal solution. 

“Hace Industries contribution to this project is invaluable,” says Andreas Hedström, sales and export manager at Åkerströms. “It’s very important to have a local distributor that handles sales, service and support when the distances are so great.”

Why GMJ chose Åkerströms

• Robust, reliable system
• Industrial 2.4 GHz radio solution
• Display solution with two-way communication
• Simple, flexible configuration tools 
• IP67 rated receiver
– totally waterproof and dustproof
• Plug-and-play
– easy to get started with the system
• Removable CIM card
– easy to replace a transmitter


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